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  • Marble Surface Fire Resistant Honeycomb Panels 日期:2015-12-09 14:55:56 点击:193 好评:0

    3mm marble / onyx marble + 5 mmm Alumium honeycomb Biggest length : 2500 mm Width : 600 mm etc. Features of marble Honeycomb Panel 1. The aluminum honeycomb panel provides light we...

  • Honeycomb marble panel 日期:2012-06-14 10:25:02 点击:57 好评:0

    Honeycomb marble panel s a,t s are used for external wall project of skyscraper . This ultra thin marble panels are produced by our exclusive technology . Finish : 4 mm ~ 8 mm thickness marble with aluminium honeycomb , polished surface Siz...

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